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ill.Methodology Ableton DJ Package


Get The ill.Methodology album in WAV, Lossless, or FLAC format, the digital art print, and 4 bonus tracks PLUS dozens of samples and loops, remix parts for "Pick It Up", pre-warped Ableton Clip Packs for all ill.Gates Tunes, and ill.Gate's infamous Ableto

This offer contains:

-Crystal Math
-Extraordinary Rendition (feat Chris Sia)
-Pick It Up (feat. Bakaman & Masia One)
-Pharma Sutra
-Fake Heads
-In Di Streets (ill.Gates & Meesha Remix)
-Monkey Crunk (ill.Gates & Samples Crunky Monk Remix)
-Grinder (feat. Masia One)
-Decoy (ill.Gates & Dov Remix)
-Crossing Over
-Live and Learn
-Never Alone
-My Special Place
-Metanoia (feat. Clara Venice & Iain McNally)
-BONUS TRACK: The Contact Refix
-BONUS TRACK: Superstar to the Max Mash-up
-BONUS TRACK: Just Aint the Same Skizza
-BONUS TRACK: Open Your Eyes
-The ill.Methodology - Cover
-Brands over Baghdad - ill.Gates Art Print
-TemplateInstructions-DJEX Template v2.0
-ill_Gates - Ableton DJEX Template v2.0
-Ill.Methodology Warp Files & Clip Packs
-Pick It Up Remix Parts

Audio Format Options:
-AAC (iTunes/iPod compatible)
-High Quality MP3 (320 kbs)
-Apple Lossless
-Source Audio

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